Applications for summer 2018 are due May 12.



The Daily Californian is a student-run newspaper that has served as Berkeley’s paper of record for more than 140 years and trains students in areas of journalism, business and other professional industries. Joining our 300-plus person staff is the best way to join an amazing community of content creators, business leaders and programmers.

Trusted News Source

Content created by our editorial team brings in more than 850,000 monthly pageviews — serving a school of 36,000 and a city of 116,000.

Business Professionals

Student staffers bring in more than $600,000 in yearly advertising revenue and $50,000 per year through alumni and grant support.

Student Leaders

More than 20 student managers and editors oversee the Daily Cal’s staff. Senior staff also work on big-picture fiscal sustainability and enterprise reporting projects.

Building the Future

Programmers and online staff have a unique opportunity to innovate in the media industry by collaborating with editorial and business staff on front-end and back-end projects.

With more than 20 types of positions available, The Daily Californian provides the skills and resources you need to be competitive in post-college jobs.

Learn excellent analytical writing and oral communication skills

Hone your ability to effectively prioritize many projects simultaneously

Gain experience developing secure business relationships and community partnerships

Master working well under pressure and tight deadlines

Learn to solve problems and effectively manage crises

Serve in leadership positions to develop team-building skills

Alumni Placement

Our staff members have secured top internship opportunities, and our graduating staff have found employment with leading companies.


The Daily Cal is routinely recognized as the premier college newspaper in the country, winning both statewide and national awards each year. We’ve been recognized with more than 40 awards, including 20 first-place awards within the last two years from the following organizations:

California College Media Association

California College Media Association

Associated Collegiate Press

Associated Collegiate Press

Society of Professional Journalists

Society of Professional Journalists


Summer High School Internship Program

High school students are invited to apply to our summer internship program where they will receive hands-on training and mentorship while working for an award-winning newspaper.

Editorial interns will work with experienced editors who will teach them the basic journalism skills they need to begin reporting. Students will work two to three days a week in the office, writing full stories that go in print and online.

We also invite graduating high school seniors to apply for our summer business and technology internships and train under our experienced student managers. Students will learn key sales and marketing skills and how to work in a professional environment.

Interested applicants may apply through our regular application forms, but must also include a letter of reference. Questions should be directed to [email protected]


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Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]