Web Designer

About the Position

Clips required:

What to expect:

Higher-level positions:

Resume, cover letter, at least 4 sample layouts 

Long and short term projects, weekly meetings with the online team and with project-specific groups

Lead web designer, online manager.


  • Understanding of design principles and typography
  • Awareness of website functionality and the user experience
  • Preferably experience with website design or publication layout
  • Working/collaborating in a team environment
  • Experience with the design and development process a plus


  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (CS5 or CS6)
  • Knowledge of Adobe Fireworks is a plus
  • Basic understanding of web development is a plus

Web designers help shape the online presence of the Daily Californian, creating special pages and collaborating with editors and reporters to clearly and interactively inform a diverse online readership. Designing for the web involves content from the editorial staff, input from both editors and web developers, and a truly cooperative process to produce the most effective and aesthetic online content. Web designers blend many different aspects of the design field, from an understanding of visual information flow, to basic logo and icon design principles.

Designing for the Daily Cal website is also a chance to enter a field that is constantly changing and innovating. Online journalism means that designers must work with multimedia content as well–interactive graphics, videos, slideshows and more.

Clips required to apply for this position: Please submit 4 or more sample website layouts showing a variety of styles. Samples may be static images, or links to functional websites. Applicants should only submit pages they worked on. Website designs created specifically for the Daily Cal application are accepted.