Business Positions

Production Illustrator

About the Position

Production illustrators work with the production managers to develop illustrations and graphics for advertising or marketing campaigns and help determine graphic styles for comprehensive marketing campaigns. Adobe Creative Suite experience, particularly with Illustrator or Photoshop, is strongly recommended. Applicants are expected to contribute to ongoing long-term projects with the rest of the production team.

Application Materials

  • Resume (PDF)
  • Cover letter (PDF)
  • 3-5 illustration samples (PDFs or Illustrator files)
  • Individual interview (invitation only)

Work Requirements

  • One 2-3 hour shift per week
  • Weekly meeting to oversee/assign long-term projects
  • Contributing to long-term marketing/advertising projects

Leadership Opportunities

  • After serving as a production designer, staff members have the opportunity to work on the Daily Cal’s in-house creative agency. The position is also a potential avenue to the managing publisher of business support position, and it has close ties with the design and marketing departments.