Business Positions

Account Executive

About the Position

The local and national sales team are responsible for pursuing executive sales contracts that are critical to The Daily Californian’s success.

As an account executive, you will build and maintain key relationships with local Bay Area companies. Executives will consult with their clients in order to drive mutually beneficial deals. Local account executives will work with local businesses, such as SF Symphony. National account executives will work with large corporations, such as GitHub. The ten-hour commitment includes making sales, but is also augmented with professional development, innovative ad projects, and conducting data analysis to help make data-driven decisions. In the first semester, executives will gain valuable skills in sales, client communication, data manipulation, and analytical skills. You will be encouraged to work with various business departments including marketing, distribution, and production to provide value to your clients. After a year, account executives can become managers and help transform the business operations.

No prior business experience is required. Applicants should be goal-oriented, persuasive, and have a drive to succeed in the business world. If you want to become a part of this rapidly changing industry, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Our executives have been able to use the skills gained in this team in a multitude of industries and companies including Federal Reserve, Microsoft, and KPMG.

Application Materials

  • Resume
  • Individual Interview (Invitation Only)
  • Group Interview (Invitation Only)

Work Requirements

  • 10 hours per week
  • Mandatory weekly team meeting and professional development

Leadership Opportunities

  • Account executives have the opportunity to move up to the position of senior account executive, assistant manager and then manager