Editorial Positions

Arts and Entertainment Reporter

About the Position

Berkeley is nothing if not a vast battleground of artistic events all vying for the attention of reviews sections.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of free concerts, films, poetry readings, festivals, community theater, art gallery openings and fashion events … the list is virtually inexhaustible. It is the arts reporter’s job to put it all under close and frequent scrutiny so that a pop-culture-hungry Berkeley public will know what is worth checking out.

An arts and entertainment reporter will publish an average of four articles per month on subjects that relate to film, television, music, theatre, fashion, visual art, literature, etc. Articles may be reviews of events/recently-released content, recaps, “thinkpieces” and more. Reporters will work closely with the editors of the department to transform a draft into a final product.

Prior experience is not required to be an arts and entertainment reporter. Stand-out applicants are very communicative and proactive, and they possess strong persuasive and descriptive writing skills, a passion for arts and pop culture, and a willingness to accept constructive criticism. Reporters must be available to attend events taking place in the Bay Area and should always be prepared to make deadlines.

Application Materials

  • Resume with relevant experience
  • Cover letter
  • 2-4 writing samples. Preferred samples are arts-related reviews or thinkpieces (published or unpublished). They can each range from 700-1500 words; there is no preference regarding length. Writing samples can alternatively be academic pieces, but should relate to arts and popular culture and are ideally persuasive in nature.
  • Short answer responses to the following questions:
    • Why are you interesting in working as an arts and entertainment reporter?
    • List a few of your favorite films/musicians/books/artists/etc.
    • After perusing some of our content, is there an arts and entertainment piece published for The Daily Californian that you particularly enjoy? Why do you like this piece?
  • Individual interview (Invitation Only)

Work Requirements

  • Four pieces per month
  • Weekly arts staff meeting

Leadership Opportunities

  • After serving as arts and entertainment reporters, staffers have the opportunity to specialize in a specific entertainment area. Staffers may apply to serve as the assistant arts and entertainment editor or the arts and entertainment editor.

Past Projects and Samples