Editorial Positions

Arts and Entertainment Reporter

About the Position

Berkeley is nothing if not a vast battleground of artistic events all vying for the attention of reviews sections.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of free concerts, films, poetry readings, festivals, community theater, art gallery openings and fashion events … the list is virtually inexhaustible. It is the arts reporter’s job to put it all under close and frequent scrutiny so that a pop-culture-hungry Berkeley public will know what is worth checking out.

Application Materials:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Three arts-related clips or other analytical writing samples

Work Requirements:

  • Six pieces per month
  • Weekly arts staff meeting

Leadership Opportunities:

  • After serving as arts and entertainment reporters, staffers have the opportunity to specialize in a specific entertainment area. Staffers may apply to serve as the assistant arts and entertainment editor or the arts and entertainment editor.

Past Projects and Samples: