Editorial Positions

Snapchat Discover Channel Writer

About the Position

The Daily Californian’s Snapchat Discover channel publishes a weekly edition that goes live from Friday to Sunday. We are looking to hire new staff members to produce content that will appear on these Snapchat stories. Please look at the channel before applying for this position. Responsibilities will include writing about two pieces each week. If you like to write concise, witty pieces, or have an eye for what type of content does well for different social publishing platforms, you’ll fit right in with our Snapchat team. Prior experience is not required to join the Daily Cal as a Snapchat writer, and any interest in social video and internet quizzes and trends is a plus. Stand-out applicants are communicative and punctual, have strong writing skills and are prepared to pitch ideas for upcoming Snapchat Discover stories. Writers should be prepared to participate in weekly meetings with the rest of the Snapchat team.

Application Materials

  • One-page resume (PDF)
  • Cover letter (PDF)
  • 2-4 writing or video samples
  • This is your opportunity to demonstrate your writing style. There is no preference regarding length.
  • Samples should be relevant to the type of material you hope to contribute to our Snapchat team. Consider including pieces that highlight your ability to write in a punchy, attention-grabbing and accessible style, or fun scripted or interview style videos.
  • Please either save your clips as PDFs or create a single PDF with links to your clips.
  • Interview (invitation only)

Work Requirements

  • About two pieces a week (200-300 words each)
  • Weekly Snapchat staff meeting

Leadership Opportunities

  • After serving as a Snapchat writer, a staffer may go on to become the Snapchat Discover Editor.