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Projects Developer

About the Position

Projects developers will assist a new Daily Californian initiative to produce and publish cutting-edge data journalism, news apps and interactive graphics.

**Applicants should be aware that this position differs from the online developer (which you can find here) in both the scope of projects and team environment.

In the same vein as leading news outlets, the Daily Californian is seeking to push beyond the print format with projects made possible by the online medium. Expect to work on mapsinteractive chartsdata dashboards and multimedia packages — all with a really quick turnaround and a big impact. Check out this ASUC voter survey we published last year and our projects website for examples of our work.

We’re seeking analysts interested in exploring new data sets, developers interested in web applications that add interaction to the news and front-end designers interested in finding the clearest, most beautiful way to explain what’s going on in Berkeley.

You’ll have a lot of flexibility regarding which kinds of projects interest you, but developers are expected to commit at least five hours per week, in addition to attending a weekly meeting.

Because this is a new team, you’ll have the freedom to experiment with the latest tools and technologies — and the work you do will become the standard for future Daily Cal developers. We’re passionate about open source, and all of our data and code will be available to the public on GitHub.


  • Programming experience: data analysis (R, Python), web application development (Django, Rails) or front-end design (Javascript, HTML, CSS)
  • Desire to build cool projects with a very fast development cycle (think days and weeks, not months)
  • An interest in the news
  • Willingness to help develop standards and guidelines for future Daily Cal projects

To apply for this position, send us:

  • A resume with a short description of your programming background
  • One or two examples of projects you’ve worked on (or your GitHub profile)
  • A few ideas for projects we could develop using Berkeley-specific data or that are particularly relevant to our community
  • A link to a project from another news outlet that you find particularly cool and a few words about why