Technology Positions

Web Developer

About the Position

The Daily Californian is looking for front-end engineers and web developers to work on an awesome, brand new website redesign.

**Applicants should be aware that this position differs from the projects developer position (which can be found here) in both the scope of projects and team environment.

Because we’ll be rebuilding the website from scratch, you’ll get the opportunity to experiment with leading web technologies and set the standard for future Daily Cal developers. You will be responsible for implementing prototypes and mockups to create a site with top-notch content organization, ease of use, performance and design.

We’re looking for people with a passion for detail and the persistence to iterate until satisfaction. Sometimes we have to build stuff fast, so deadlines can be stressful. Since we work as a team, you also have to play nice with others. Expect to collaborate closely with other developers, user interface designers and our editorial staff. You will have flexible hours, but developers are expected to commit at least five hours per week, in addition to attending a weekly meeting.

Application Materials

  • Resume (PDF)
  • A PDF with short responses to the following:
    • How many hours can you commit per week? What are your other predominant time commitments this semester?
    • What web development experience do you have?
    • What’s your favorite website design?
  • One or two projects, coding samples or your Github profile (optional)
  • Interview (invitation only)

Work Requirements

  • 5 hours per week
  • Weekly team meeting



  • Experience with front-end development (HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript)
  • Experience with version control (Git)


  • Knowledge of web design and user experience practices
  • Experience with modern Javascript frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, etc.)
  • Experience building websites from concept to launch
  • Familiarity with PHP, WordPress