Business Positions

Strategic Development Analyst

About the Position

The Daily Californian’s strategic development department strives to build long-term plans and establish meaningful connections within the DC network for the future of our student-run nonprofit organization.

Our team members strongly believe in the mission of the Daily Cal and are passionate about the nonprofit sector. Our main objectives are to provide sustainable private funding to ensure the future of our award-winning newspaper and to communicate effectively with our alumni network. 

Strategic analysts have the unique opportunity to create a long-lasting and tangible impact by developing novel campaigns on multiple communication channels with exposure to thousands of campus and community members. By focusing on both external relations and internal development, analysts will gain exposure in multiple areas (including communication, organization and teamwork) in support of broader departmental goals.


  • Maintain strong, personable relationships with our alumni and donors. This entails managing the Education Foundation newsletter and other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through creating innovative content that engages our members.
  • Keep track of monthly donation flows through WordPress, collect regular feedback to improve the alumni experience, and utilize Excel to send out tax-deductible acknowledgments.
  • Update database records using Salesforce CRM, engaging in special departmental projects (e.g. redesigning existing infrastructure and programs).
  • Conduct regular outreach through various channels, such as tabling events throughout the semester.
  • Plan and execute original campaigns to improve product recognition, develop a social media content strategy tailored towards program growth, and identify broader customer segments for marketing.
  • Generate a membership profile through data analytics and use this information to continuously improve marketing efforts, communicate directly with new audience members, and conduct best practices research within the non-profit and journalism industry to make the department more effective in program growth.

We utilize the following programs in accordance with our work: Microsoft Office, MailChimp, WordPress, and Salesforce CRM. Experience in these areas is highly valued, but not required.

Application Materials

  • Resume (PDF, about one page in length)
  • Cover letter (PDF, about one page in length)
  • Interview (invitation only)

Preferred Skills (not required to apply)

  • Salesforce product experience
  • Social media marketing experience (especially Facebook and Twitter)

Work Requirements

  • 4 hours per week
  • Weekly department meeting
  • Weekly team meeting
    • Reduced workload option: The Daily Cal understands that some applicants may have disabilities and/ or extenuating circumstances that would prevent them from working a full workload, such as a necessary, paying job that takes up a significant amount of time outside of classes. If this is the case, applicants may choose to apply for a reduced workload position.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Strategic development analysts have the opportunity to advance to the position of assistant development manager and then development manager.
  • Development analysts have the opportunity to spearhead social media strategy for The Daily Californian Educational Foundation pages as a social media lead.