Business Positions

Marketing Associate

About the Position

The marketing department ensures that The Daily Californian serves the needs of its readers and advertisers by consulting senior management and executing solutions on matters from revenue generation to data analysis to brand management. Applicants should be motivated, open-minded, innovative, hard-working and intellectually curious. Strong candidates are able to work well in diverse, multidisciplinary teams, effectively communicate and present their findings and are eager to learn and engage. No previous experience with Excel, Tableau, SQL and other technical tools is necessary.

**Applicants should be aware that this position differs from the social media producer position in both the scope of duties and team environment. The marketing team and social media team do, however, work closely together.

The marketing department consists of three unique teams: Marketing intelligence and analytics, product marketing and experiential marketing.



The MIA team provides critical insights using analytics and helps drive strategic initiatives forward. Past projects include piloting the organization’s first analytic reports highlighting user behavior, geographic/demographic analyses and section-by-section performance data. By leveraging Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Excel and other tools, MIA is responsible for collecting and synthesizing data to deliver critical insights across business, editorial and technology and inform strategic decision-making at the highest levels of management.



  • Perform data analysis on key user/customer, market and competitor trends using a variety of technical tools from Google Analytics to Tableau.
  • Create, develop and update industry, competitor and customer models, dashboards and reports to consult for and advise senior management.
  • Provide data-driven recommendations that enable strategic decision-making for senior management in business, editorial and technology.

**The MIA team will be hiring for Summer 2022.


The PM team develops, manages and executes the complete marketing life cycle for some of our organization’s key revenue-generating products. From determining positioning and targeting metrics, conducting competitive analyses and launching go-to-market strategies, PM is in charge of shaping the product and helping grow its user base. This role is cross-functional, and the PM team will closely collaborate with sales, development, design and more to manage and implement the product marketing strategy from beginning to end. Past projects include managing our Corporate Sponsorships program, and PM plans on expanding toward alumni-rich marketing products and launching Ink Creative, the Daily Cal’s up-and-coming design agency.



  • Work across several marketing disciplines – from branding and positioning to conducting targeted outreach and launching go-to-market strategies.
  • Develop actionable, revenue-generating product strategies by leveraging marketing data and insights and understanding our end users.
  • Create and execute innovative strategies and marketing plans that drive awareness, user engagement, and product adoption.



The EM team creates, manages, and executes campus and citywide events designed on analysis of community’s interests. EM’s goal is to directly engage with users and invite them to participate in a branded experience and become actively involved in the development and creation of our brand itself. The role is cross-functional, and you will work across marketing and social media in a mission of attracting and expanding our readership in the campus and community. 


  • Manage the complete large-scale event execution lifecycle, including but limited to: inviting/contacting prospective guests, identifying event narratives and structures, organizing venue and seating strategies, facilitating panels and more.
  • Closely collaborate and partner with other student organizations and businesses to co-plan and execute campus and community events.
  • Empower EM operations by working with social media to promote and market live events, editorial to produce copywriting and exclusive interviews/articles, design to develop and distribute marketing materials and more.

Application Materials

  • Required: Resume (PDF, about one page in length)
  • Recommended: Cover letter (PDF, about one page in length)
  • Invite only: Interview

Work Requirements

  • Five to seven hours per week
  • Weekly team meeting
  • Weekly department meeting
    • Reduced workload option: The Daily Cal understands that some applicants may have disabilities and/ or extenuating circumstances that would prevent them from working 7 hours per week, such as a necessary, paying job that takes up a significant amount of time outside of classes. If this is the case, applicants may choose to apply for a reduced workload position, which will involve working 4 hours a week instead of 7.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Marketing associates have the opportunity to advance to the position of assistant marketing manager and head marketing manager.