Editorial Positions

News Reporter

About the Position

As a news reporter for The Daily Californian, you will write for one of the nation’s oldest and most respected student newspapers, investigating the day’s breaking stories and looking into some of the most controversial issues facing our campus, the UC system and the city of Berkeley.

You will have the opportunity to interview influential campus, university and city leaders and report what you find to more than 30,000 students and 122,000 Berkeley residents. Reporters stay in the know about everything that goes on in Berkeley, covering a variety of topics that include student demonstrations, the actions of campus leaders and city homicides. News reporters also have the opportunity to work on long-term enterprise stories — stories that a reporter unearths and explores on their own that can be more in-depth than daily news articles.

The ability to research, conduct interviews, work under pressure and write clearly and concisely is important to this position. Prior news experience is a plus but not required.

Application Materials

  • Resume (PDF, about one page in length)
  • Cover letter (PDF, about one page in length)
  • Three pieces of past news/feature writing
    • You may create mock news articles if you do not have news clips.
    • Please either save your clips as PDFs or create a single PDF with links to your clips.
  • Interview (invitation only)
  • News test (invitation only)
    • The news test is a test to evaluate your skills; no preparation is needed.

Work Requirements

  • Entry-level reporters work two full workdays per week. On their workdays, reporters are required to be mostly available from 9 a.m. to whenever they finish editing, except when they are in class. Editing typically occurs in the late afternoon to evening.
    • Reduced workload option: The Daily Cal understands that some applicants may have disabilities and/ or extenuating circumstances that would prevent them from working two full days per week, such as a necessary, paying job that takes up a significant amount of time outside of classes. If this is the case, applicants may choose to apply for a reduced workload reporter position, which would involve working one day per week instead of two.
  • Weekly 45-minute virtual training sessions and one weekly virtual staff meeting

Leadership Opportunities

  • After one semester, news reporters have the opportunity to apply for a beat position, which is an opportunity to focus on a specific area of university or city affairs. Reporters may graduate to become “lead” beat reporters, serving as the top reporters of their beats. After serving as a beat reporter, a staffer may go on to become a deputy news editor or the city or university news editor, the top two editors of the news department. Many news editors go on to serve as the managing editor, the top position on the editorial side that has oversight over all daily production.