Editorial Positions

Weekender Staffer

About the Position

*Please note! Weekender DOES NOT hire over the summer!

The Weekender is The Daily Californian’s online culture magazine, looking at the Berkeley community and Bay Area through in-depth reporting, commentary and other forms of writing and art. The Weekender is rather flexible, and we publish once a week on Sundays. If you want to grow as a writer and/or artist, this is the perfect department for you.

The Daily Californian is looking to hire a small team of individuals with an engaging voice, a passion for writing and a dedication to their craft.

Applicants should have a strong command of language, structure and story. As part of the Weekender team, you should be ready to write at least 3 pieces per semester and attend weekly meetings (held on Sundays at 11:30 a.m.). You should also expect to work closely with editors to perfect and publish your writing, as well as other writers to help them or you brainstorm pitches or even work collaboratively. Essentially, you will be responsible for pitching and writing original content for the Weekender. These include features, interviews, cultural commentary, fiction and personal essays, creative writing and cartoons/comics. No prior experience is necessary — all you need is passion and a sense of creativity.

Application Materials

  • Resume (PDF, about one page in length)
  • Cover letter that includes why you’re interested in joining the Weekender (PDF, about one page in length)
  • Three writing clips, including at least one feature or commentary style piece (unpublished or published)
    • There is no rough minimum or maximum for word count. A poem could be just three words long, but a feature could be 1,000 words long.
    • Please submit pieces you feel best reflect your personal voice as an expository and/or creative writer. We do not accept academic writing.
    • Please either save your writing clips as PDFs or create a single PDF with links to your clips.
  • Interview (invitation only)

Work Requirements

  • Write at least 3 pieces per semester
  • Work with editors revising pieces
  • Attend weekly meetings (Sundays at 11:30 a.m.)
  • Help other writers to brainstorm ideas
    • Reduced workload option: The Daily Cal understands that some applicants may have disabilities and/ or extenuating circumstances that would prevent them from writing at least 3 pieces per semester, such as a necessary, paying job that takes up a significant amount of time outside of classes. If this is the case, applicants may choose to apply for a reduced workload reporter position, which would involve writing 2 pieces a semester instead of 3.

Leadership Opportunities

  • After serving as a Weekender writer, a staffer may go on to become the deputy Weekender editor or the Weekender editor.

*Please note! Weekender DOES NOT hire over the summer!