Technology Application

2019 Summer - Technology Application

This application is for the following positions: web developer. If you are a prospective high school intern, please include a letter of recommendation in your application. Letters can also be mailed directly to [email protected]
  • Accepted file types: zip.
    Put all of your application materials in a .zip folder and upload it here. Refer to your desired position's description page for information about the materials that are required. (To make a .zip folder: For Windows, Right Click > New > Compressed (zipped) Folder, and then place your clip files in there. For Mac, make a new folder and place your clip files in there. Then, right click the folder and select Compress.)

    The Daily Californian is an organization that deeply values diversity and is actively committed to creating a more inclusive community. We invite you to indicate your preferred gender identity and race/ethnicity below. This information will be kept separate from your application, and the submission of this information is voluntary. Refusal to do so will not result in any adverse treatment.